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Remember the times when you sat down for a meal and thought that grandma’s cooking was the best?

Well, that happened to us. One night, while gathered for a hotpot dinner, we had some supermarket-bought dumplings that were… Let’s just say that they were not fulfilling.

“I think these dumplings need more work…”

That’s when we recalled the times that we helped out in the kitchen – hand-kneading dough, dicing vegetables, mixing the fillings with fragrant spices and creating the little pleats to seal the dumplings. It was definitely hard work, but it paid off when we saw our families tuck into it and heard nothing but compliments after.

So we got back into the kitchen and recreated our family recipes. After many trials with friends and family, we finally created what we think best exemplifies our heritage in our Original Dumplings, then introduced a range with combinations such as Bak Kut Teh and Laksa, and modern interpretations of flavours such as Mala and Thai Basil.

Today, we are proud to be able to share Pin Premium Dumplings – a premium selection of Chinese dumplings with quality ingredients that we trust will tantalise your taste buds. Get yours delivered to your doorstep now!